Ralph Miller

On the night of September 26th 1970,

seventeen-year-old Ralph Miller vanished.

His disappearance is attributed to a woman known only as the "Witch of Lakeland",

an alleged local drug lord, occult leader, and murderer.

This site is a catalogue of articles regarding Ralph Miller's case

and the mysteries surrounding it.

The posts listed below are transcripts 

of the original Lakeland Ledger articles from 1975. There is also a list of resources

and references on the site menu.

If you have any information about 

Ralph Miller or his case, please contact 

the Lakeland Police Department.

The articles below have been re-typed and organized from existing digital Lakeland Ledger archives; I've transcribed them for informational and readability purposes. I do not claim any ownership

of these particular articles. 

2. Raymond 
& Mary
4. Something      About Mary

"The Whip Lady."


Raymond Shares His Story.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 11.47.44 AM.pn

"She Had Fire in Her Eyes."

WOL 08 mental scars.jpg

The 1970's Ledger

Final Installment.

The Ralph Miller

Rabbit Hole.

Naming the Witch.

11. "Car Burns;
Body Found."

A Mysterious, Violent Death

The Victim & Murderer Identified.

Smith's Troubled Past.

"He never came back in the house; he just vanished."

15. Searching 
for Jimmy.

Part 1

16. Searching 
for Jimmy.

Part 2

Plus, another teen goes missing.

A local psychic gives his theory about the Lakeland teen disappearances.

The disturbing story of the Arnsdorff-Wagner disappearance is finally revealed

Deputies report  a 'promising' new clue in the body search. 

James Wagner is finally found.

more posts coming weekly.

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